Sunday, August 08, 2010

Not the Only Game in Town

Scranton, Pennsylvania

There were artist's openings all over Scranton Friday night, not to mention a jazz festival and other events. But lots of people came by the Camerawork Gallery reception, and these are some snapshots from the evening.


Dennis Allshouse said...

I checked the "snapshots from the evening" to see how the photographs were mounted but really can't tell. Can you explain it, or do you have more descriptive photos? Thanks.

Carl Weese said...


It's simplicity itself. Look at frame 8/17 in the slideshow. Panels made of Homosote (that's the proper trade name for a building material that tradesmen more often refer to, colorfully, as "beaverboard" and no, I have no idea why) are hung against the hard walls. The material is sold in 4x8 foot sheets, like plywood or paneling, and they've split this into 2x8 foot sections.

The prints are made on 11x14 paper (in my case I printed two-up on sections of 14x24 roll paper on my Z3200, then trimmed). Using jigs to achieve perfect alignment, the Camerawork ace installation crew puts the prints under 11x14 inch Plexiglas using "L-pins" which can be obtained from any framing supply house. That's it.