Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Side Yard

Naugatuck, Connecticut


Don and Sher said...

Carl looking back on your opening in PA, what size images do you usually display?

Carl Weese said...

Don, this was a special case. Camerawork has worked out a display system that gets around traditional mats and frames. They have Homosote panels on the walls, and thirty sheets of 11x14 plexi. I printed the pictures, which are all 2:3 proportion, at 10" wide, trimmed to 11x14 so the sheet is essentially "self-matting." I think the effect in the small, intimate gallery space was really nice.

OTOH, I will have ten prints in a group show at the University of Connecticut this fall. The pictures are all street shooting from parades and processions. I'll print them at about 13.5x20.5" on 17x24. The presentation is again self-matting but will be in standard black frames.