Friday, May 06, 2011


 Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

We arrived in Montreal the evening of May 1. There was an important national election the next day, and the city was covered with campaign posters. Probably because it was election day I didn't see any active campaigning or demonstrations, though there were lines of people at polling places around the city. 

 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

One thing I noticed was a sort of political demonstration: it seemed that a majority of the posters had been defaced.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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cj goad ~ photography said...

It's going to hard for the Bloc to make any comeback after the beating they took.Some pundits feel the Quebec separatist movement is finished.The political power in this country is shifting to the west as more of the population moves out here.If you haven't been come out to some part of western Canada Carl.Unlimited photo opportunities await you.