Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rue Ste.-catherine

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


cj goad ~ photography said...

It would be interesting if you would comment about sign-age in the English language. It is my understanding that due to the passage of Bill 101 it is no longer allowed in Quebec. Did you notice this?

Carl Weese said...


That seems to be the case. I'd expected dual-language signs, but everything I saw was in French. This didn't get my attention all that much because, while I never was fluent in spoken French, many years ago I was fully fluent in written French and even all these years later I quickly found myself reading the signs and not noticing they weren't in English.

On another note, I noticed the speed limit signs were in kilometers only. I was sure that just a few years ago in another part of Quebec province the highway signs were in both miles and kilometers.

David said...

After a walk down Rue St. Catherine around 10 ago, my wife refers to St. Catherine as the patron saint of titty bars.

Carl Weese said...


You must not have walked back in the easterly direction. That way, there's an obvious red light district, of the gay persuasion. A perfect balance for what lies farther to the west.

Tyler Monson said...

Interesting. By use of a longer lens and greater distance from the subject, you create a space that separates the viewer from the subject.

I get the feeling of 'Methodist disapproval' by the artist of the subject of the picture.

Leaves me smiling.