Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Does He Take Picture Of?

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

That's what Tina's cousin from France/Geneva said when she looked back and saw what I'd stopped to photograph. Tina immediately said, "Oh, it's probably the weeds, he does that all the time for the blog." But there's also the piece of painted plywood, the brick wall, the green metal channel post, and of course, the weeds.


Markus Spring said...

Carl, only yesterday I overheard one of my colleagues categorizing me as "drainpipe and fenceposts photographer" :)
I think we have to live with that - due to the visual overflow and the selection techniques people develop, giving attention to the non-obvious is not a widespread pattern.

Carl Weese said...

Markus, another way to look at it is that people expect you to look for the dramatic and unusual, thinking there's nothing to be found in their everyday commonplace surroundings.

Markus Spring said...

My guess is that the visual fast food you get by watching too much TV and the super-photoshopped images create a similar distortion of taste as too much Coke and Hamburgers does - the visual sense get cauterized and react only on even higher doses of the same: more photoshop, extremer perspectives, hectic movements/cuts etc. Not my cup of tea though, and not what I try to expose my kids too much to.