Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still More Flowering Trees

Woodbury, Connecticut

There are a lot of dogwoods on our land, but as of a few years ago invasive parasites like bittersweet vine (the worst) and grape and wild rose species had nearly choked them out. It took two summers of work with loppers and chainsaw to clear back the invasives, but this spring I was rewarded by the most spectacular display of the twenty years we've been here. I put up a slideshow here, so click on over if you're interested.


Markus Spring said...

These dogwoods are simply amazing, wonderful white clouds soaring in the green. Over here we have variants with red and yellow bark as garden plants, but I never saw them flowering like this - in the smallish gardens they will obviously miss the dark backgrounds.

Carl Weese said...

Markus, I don't know what the range of this species is, but they are common here and there were a lot of dogwoods at my family's place in New Jersey, so I grew up anticipating the spring flowering splurge. But this year is simply spectacular.