Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wall Art, IV

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This one is signed, so must be Art, not advertising.


Mike Mundy said...

A-ha . . . very rare Working Pictures vertical shot. Nice.

Any vertical resizing issues in the new template?

Oh, and when you resize, does it make any difference what the resolution setting is?

Carl Weese said...

Mike, I've made Photoshop actions to resize RAW files for the blog, directly from Bridge. The horizontals are 1000 pixels wide, the verticals are 800 pixels tall, both at 72 ppi. I arrived at these sizes by a little experimenting. The original file is quite big and legible without being too big for modest-size screens, and the Blogger software does fine scaling them down to the "x-large" front page picture size.

Mike Mundy said...

Great, thanks!

Almost there.