Monday, December 13, 2010

Brazen Betties at the Armory, III

Torrington, Connecticut


Scott Kirkpatrick said...

Carl, any idea why your last 5 or 6 frames have been divided by a vertical line into two panels each? I really like today's eye-catcher -- interesting details and colors, one object sneaking across the line between panels, and an attractive but ambiguous figure at the focus of the left frame.


Carl Weese said...

Scott, they're all just single frames. I'm working with the structure of the vendor booths, which consists of metal support tubes draped with black fabric. In this morning's shot a support divides the picture almost—but not quite—exactly in half so you are seeing parts of two different vendor booths. The figure in white is one of the dress designers, and she was very good at striking a "vintage" pose and staying in character.