Sunday, December 19, 2010

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Window Dresser

Naugatuck, Connecticut

Entry to a beauty salon. I guess a pair of scissors and some masking tape is all you really need.


Edd Fuller said...

Not to get picky, but this looks more like a job for a door dresser than a window dresser. Two very distinct occupations with wildly different standards.

Carl Weese said...

Interesting about the standards for doors and windows. I have a very old connection to this stuff. My mother was a staff artist at Saks 34th Street. As a kid, in summers I would often go into the city with her. The Saks building was, as I recall, 8 stories tall, with one through five being the retail space. The artists occupied a long, narrow bullpen along the north wall of the 7th floor. Ten foot ceiling, desk-to-ceiling windows, gorgeous light (the Macy's building, directly across the street, was about the same height and didn't block the light). The rest of the enormous 7th floor served as storage and preparation area for all the materials used by the window-dressers. It was a fabulous playground for a fairly self-reliant little kid.