Saturday, December 11, 2010

She speeds, you bleed.

Waterbury (Brooklyn district), Connecticut

Somehow I think that ads on the side of a bus would be the last research tool I'd use if I needed to hire a lawyer, but I guess the ads must be effective because I keep seeing more and more of them, by more and more law firms.


Markus Spring said...

I remember you already featured "Get Carter" on a big billboard. This again is a big cultural difference to Germany: Lawyers and the like are not allowed to market their services in such a way here - only small text ads, merely giving their name and branch are possible. As I am no big fan of agressive marketing anyway, I don't miss it...

richardplondon said...

This law firm's "Get Carter" slogan sits strangely with the dark and bleak 1970s Michael Caine crime movie, of that title. I wonder if they know?

review link

There's also a UK band of that name - I would guess, referring to the movie not to the CT law firm.

Carl Weese said...

Markus, I don't remember when these began to appear but I'm certain it's quite recent. Maybe even the result of a change in professional standards?

Richard, I bet the band references the movie and I'd equally bet the law firm doesn't have a clue about it.