Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Two Seagulls and the Colonel

Naugatuck, Connecticut

Naugatuck is at least 20 miles as the crow, or seagull, flies, from salt water. That salt water is Long Island Sound. Whenever the weather gets a little dicey, the gulls fly upriver, way past Naugatuck to Waterbury and beyond, but it seems to me that they follow the river quite closely.  I live about a dozen miles west of the river, and I can't recall ever seeing a seagull wheel overhead here, no matter how awful the weather. Red Tail Hawks, (at least two pairs in residence here) Osprey (down the road in Jack's Brook), Great Grey Heron (ditto), uncountable songbirds. But gulls? No.

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New York, NY (which I want to write as "New Yawk, New Yawk," as in the original cast album) continues at The WPII Blog.

Naugatuck, Connecticut

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