Saturday, October 21, 2017

Brookside, Autumn

Macedonia Brook State Park, Connecticut


Markus said...

Carl, such images, especially when printed as Pt/Pd, probably live not only from the tonality, but also from the details like in the foliage. How do the m43-"negatives" hold up here to the quality you get from your 8x10 camera?

Carl Weese said...

I haven't done any side by side comparisons with these yet, but the prints render texture/detail amazingly well. Of course I'm giving the format every advantage I can—I wrote this in a comment thread on Facebook: I'm so familiar with Steep Rock Preserve that it almost feels like cheating to shoot there. It's only fifteen/twenty minutes to drive and park (there are three different parking areas leading to thousands of acres) and I know where to head in a particular light and time of day. But one of my thoughts was that this makes it a fair test of just how much I can wring out of the hybrid digital/platinum approach. One element is to optimize things technically—camera on tripod, lens at optimum aperture, tilt-screen LCD used to make it like a tiny view camera (how come the ground glass shows the picture right side up??) touch screen focus for exact control—but even with all of that you can't stress/test the approach unless the pictures themselves are worth looking at, worth being supported by an adequate technical approach. Tomorrow I should finish the first-look prints of the dozen selected pictures. When they're finished I'll do a set of proper copy shots of them and put up a post.