Wednesday, October 18, 2017


New Preston, Connecticut

For a while now all day long there has been a procession of heavy duty dump trucks chugging up and down Route 47 past our house. From the rank smell they leave behind, I figured they were carrying hot asphalt for road resurfacing. Monday I drove past this pullover near where Route 47 terminates at Route 202. It seems to be a designated area to clean out the dregs of blacktop from the trucks as they head back to wherever they pick up another load.  I assume they'll eventually clean this mess up...Tuesday I drove past and there was at least twice as much odorous stuff on the ground. I also found myself behind one of the loaded trucks and decided to follow it to see where they're doing all this work. It turned out they are repaving the narrow road that circles Lake Waramaug.


Taken For Granted said...

What an odd place for asphalt trucks to be cleaned out. It looks like a real mess. Hope this is not near your new house.

Carl Weese said...

Very odd indeed. It's not right next to any houses—at least a quarter mile to the nearest place one way, and the other way about half a mile to the entrance to a retirement community. But it seems like it should be done where the trucks are loaded. BTW, no new house for us, we've been here for 27 years, and the house was new in 1744.

Markus said...

Astonishing for me is that this area was designated for this area. The only reason I can imagine ist that they had to do it as long as the stuff was warm. I'd really be curious if they clean this up after the work is completed.