Sunday, October 15, 2017

Waterbury Bed Races (part one)

Waterbury, Connecticut

Saturday saw the revival of a long tradition with the 2017 running of the Waterbury Bed Races, after a break of nearly twenty years. There's material on the event's history at its Facebook page. I was just wandering around town looking for things to photograph when I spotted The Mobile Pub, and realized something interesting must be happening.

Signs led me to the center of town where streets were closed off around the Courthouse.

The paddock was around the corner where some of the race teams were putting the finishing touches on their racing beds:

Others were ready and waiting for the pre-race parade:

Other teams were a little less prepared:

The event chairman gave out pre-race instructions:

Then the teams lined up and headed out to the racecourse.

This team did get their entry ready in time and came out in Mad Men outfits, complete with Martini glasses and cigarettes.


Taken For Granted said...

What fun!

Carl Weese said...

And it got even better when the actual races began. See part two...