Monday, October 30, 2017

Digital Platinum Workshop

New York, New York

Snaps from last weekend's digital/platinum workshop. I was too busy keeping up with the group to make a series of story-telling pictures about the action, but here are a couple shots. A productive group of four produced negatives from 29 shots, and almost forty Pt/Pd prints during the weekend at Penumbra.

As an additional note, because of very stormy, rainy conditions on Sunday, the workspace (which is not quite finished remodeling/construction) couldn't maintain ideal temperature/humidity conditions for the Hahnemühle Platinum Rag paper we were using. In conditions above 50% humidity print quality suffers compared to around 40%. With the prep area running 65% Rh we experimented with drying as much as possible with cold air and then switching to hot air from a hair dryer, trying to get the paper to "feel right" —as it would prepping at 40%—and the results were excellent. Another nice versatility feature of this paper.

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