Saturday, September 24, 2011

AUT-O-RAMA Drive-in, Thursday morning

North Ridgeville, Ohio

Screen Two just at dawn, with I-90 curving along to the side, the guardrail visible at the left of the picture.

Screen One and the concession/projection building in sunrise light.

Screen one a little later, with a westbound freight going by on the train tracks.


Markus Spring said...

Wonderful soft morning light in #1, outstanding in this series.

Carl Weese said...

Thanks, Markus. See next post, I'll likely be offline till sometime Sunday, unless I run back and forth to the town library...

typingtalker said...

Glad to see you got a train.

"Screen Two Just at Dawn" is my favorite digital capture from this trip. "Screen One a Little Later" is my number two. Glad our weather cooperated -- it rained all day Friday.