Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Starlite 14

Richland Center, Wisconsin

You've been warned.


Mike Mundy said...

Congrats on the TOP writeup.

Now your Google Ads will start bringing in some revenue!

Oh wait. You don't have any Google Ads.

Dennis said...

Didn't realize there were so many DIs out there.

Carl Weese said...

Dennis, there are nearly 500 DI theaters left, down from 5,000 at the peak in the 50s/60s. Something like 1300 screens: it's almost impossible to survive with a single screen today. Ohio has the largest count, but rural NY and PA have lots of them too. Where you don't find a drive-in theater is anyplace that land values are high. A minimum of 15 acres of land for a part-time business won't fly where real estate is expensive.