Friday, September 09, 2011


Naugatuck, Connecticut


Markus Spring said...

Fine - works well for me, Carl! And whilst viewing images on the web is all good and fine, this is one I'd like to hold in my hands as a fine paper print, probably not of the glossy type, but semi-gloss paper-pager, i.e. not plastic covered as the otherwise fine Ilford Multigrade was back in those days. Interesting enough, this wish didn't came up with your next image, the "Speed Limit 35" - maybe it's the panoramic format.
I am currently considering to remove the Pt/Pd-print of the "Pike" from the frame it is currently mounted in. For me, this is an image to hold physically in the hand. It looses when matted/framed. The only compromise would be to remove the glass.

Carl Weese said...

Markus, with the extreme tonal range of the original scene, this would be a prime candidate for printing in Pt/Pd. You are correct that the surface of a platinum print is an important part of its presentation, but it gets quite lost when framed under glass or plexi. Some collectors actually frame Pt/Pd prints unglazed.

Markus Spring said...

Good to learn that I am not somewhat weird when it comes to looking at prints.

It is, I have to admit, also a big annoyance for me when in a gallery or museum I permanently have to adjust my position because of the glass reflections. Now I do know that they have to protect valuable originals, but some do better and some do it badly. But then, I am not the well-funded viewer they are targeting at.