Monday, September 19, 2011

Oops, Wrong Sort of Drive-in

Rt. 2, Michigan Upper Peninsula

My usual practice of titling each picture with the city/state where it was made is on hold during the road trip. I'm keeping a log with a digital audio recorder. This has the great advantage over micro-cassette recorders I used in the past—instead of a unique and fragile tape, I've got a bunch of MP3s. Each evening after I download my digital capture files I also download the MP3s to the MacBook's hard drive, which is then all backed up to a small 500 gig pocket-size hard drive using Time Machine. Using a recorder lets me make much more detailed (and much more legible!) notes than I could possibly do by hand, but I certainly don't have the time to transcribe the notes while traveling. That's kind of the point, to be able to go over them later with no time pressure. So my IDs on many of the pictures will be sketchy. Some time down the road I'll probably add the right ID parenthetically to the posts.


Mark E. Johnson said...

Suggestion for the notes issue ... if you have an iPhone, get the Dragon Dictation app. It's free and you can record your notes into it and then it will transcribe them into a text file for you. Will also let you listen to individual words and correct mistakes it makes. May be one for Android phones, too.

Carl Weese said...

Mark, I don't have any sort of smart phone, but perhaps another reader will be helped by your tip. I'm also using the term "transcribe" rather loosely. I just play the recording-- tape, or now digital audio and video with sound--and then type up whatever I want to record. I'm not after a literal transcription of what I babbled at the time.