Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Barn and Road, Early Morning

Eaton Estates, Ohio

Eaton Estates, Ohio


Neil Partridge said...

I love the way you incorporate elements into your images that I would (wrongly) try to exclude (like the telegraph poles (as we call them in the UK!). I must learn to work with what is before me, rather than trying to fight against them. Great blog, thanks.

Carl Weese said...

Thanks, Neil.

"Look at what's really there" could almost be a mantra.

John Strong said...

Very nice shots - I love morning mist! Unfortunately, here in Colorado it's fairly rare.

I agree in essence with what Neil mentioned, though it really depends on what you want in a finished photo. I would normally shoot with and without and later pick the more appealing image.
I think you got it right.
Like the blog!

Thanks -

Carl Weese said...

Thanks for the comment, John. One thing going on here is that the camera position has moved only a few steps, and nearly 180 degrees in direction, between the two pictures. Something I've noticed is that quite frequently if there's one picture to be had at a particular time and place, there may be more than one to find.