Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Skyway Drive-in Theater (Fish Creek, WI)

Fish Creek, Wisconsin

My online research indicated there were two small, beautifully maintained drive-in theaters out on the Door County peninsula, which points up into the lake from Green Bay, WI. I couldn't find out much about them, but the location seemed exotic. On the other hand it's quite a distance out to where they were supposed to be. I decided to try for them, which is why I wound up at Green Bay last night. This morning I went out early, and was rewarded by finding the Skyway—a pristine, beautifully maintained little theater out on the narrow, resort-oriented slip of land near the top of the peninsula. The second theater, 12 miles further up, at Sister Bay, is gone. But this one was well worth the effort. I shot 8x10 and 7x17 negatives of the general view from the back of the field, and a lot of digital capture. Color is really prominent in the theater's presentation so paying attention to color capture seemed to be in order.


Scott Kirkpatrick said...

Skyway Drive-in shows up in Google's satellite view, and the name appears on Hiway 42, but the name and the drive-in field don't seem to be in the same place.

Please keep up the navigation dialog, and let us know where your next stops will be.


Carl Weese said...

Scott, I saw a sign that said, "new development, open for inspection" right where I expected to find the second drive-in. But the one in Fish Creek was a delight.