Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Motels, Again

 Madison (vicinity), Wisconsin

Amazing, the variation in hotels of the same chain. Sunday night I stayed at a palatial  Motel 6 in Weston (Wausau vic.), MI. Monday, I wound up in a totally ratty Motel 6 near Madison, which cost me about eight dollars more than the palace had. In the morning I realized that not everyone there was a traveler. Actually I sort of got the idea the night before watching bunches of kids playing in the stairwell. In the morning as I was loading my equipment into the car, school buses began pulling into the drive and picking up kids. So I guess some of the place serves as a residency.

Madison (vicinity), Wisconsin

When I got in the car to leave, a curious cat was observing me from the window facing my parking space.

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Martina said...

I see a theme for next expedition: motels. ;-)