Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rainy Day at White Memorial

Litchfield, Connecticut

This is a perfect example of a picture that would be a dream to print in Pt/Pd but is almost impossible to get a convincing presentation from a scan. This is OK, for a web file, but lacks detail in the dark trees which would be rich and strong in a print, and lacks brilliance through the middle values. BTW, it looks better if you click the image for the full size (full size upload, a tiny fraction of the scan) file.

Posting here may be a little irregular for a while, as I'm leaving on a two week expedition based primarily on shooting Drive-in Theaters in the near midwest (Ohio and Michigan) though of course I'll also shoot anything else that offers the opportunity to make a picture. Since my last drive-in theater expedition, it looks like even the sort of motels I can afford to stay at now have WiFi so I'll be able to continue the blog, and I won't, this time, put up a set of advance posts. It'll be live, or it won't be there at all. It seems that McDonalds now has free WiFi at most locations, so even though I wouldn't be caught dead eating any food they sell, I might find myself buying a coffee to get access to the intertubes.


Martina said...

Carl, I am late, I know, but: this is so great! The expedition has started. Ha!
When I realised this after coming home from my vacation and doing a quick browse through your posts, you could have seen a very very big smile on my face - if you could have seen my face at all ;-)

Martina said...

Poing - forgot to subscribe to email the follow ups.