Friday, September 16, 2011


Honor, Michigan

The Cherry Bowl drive-in theater may have the most famous of all screen towers. I was there about six this evening, perfect timing to photograph it in late afternoon light of that special sort that happens when it's overcast but there's a clear "hot spot" where the sun is.

As I was packing up the Deardorff after making four different 8x10 views a group of women showed up in three cars. They bashfully asked if I would help them by taking their picture with their cameras in front of the drive-in. They announced that they were all sixty (they seemed taken aback  when I replied that I had them beat by two years) and had all graduated from high school together. So then there was this comic scene where I had three of their little digicams dangling from my wrists, hoping I'd be able to set the things off correctly, while we did a couple different poses. Of course I also shot them with the G3/14mm that was around my neck.

If you just go out into the world, you encounter strange and wonderful things.


lyle said...

yea, the chicken, old car, the big chair, and the hot dog....the 'dorff fits right it!

Dennis said...

The old car is a Chevrolet Corvair. A vintage ride to say the least.

Carl Weese said...

Dennis, yes, "Unsafe at Any Speed," as Saint Ralph wrote so many years ago. There are other cars that don't show here, including a fifties-era VW beetle and some Detroit iron as well.