Sunday, September 18, 2011


Moran, Michigan

Cape Cod? The Jersey Shore? No, it's the lower right edge of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, with protected dunes just off Route 2, overlooking the lake to the south. Those are "lake effect" clouds: the weather and forecasts are for clear, but there are always clouds from the lakes.

I finally have a perfect WiFi connection and will try to catch the blog up with the trip this evening. Same Motel 6 chain, but a brand new hotel with the fanciest rooms I've ever seen in a budget place, but with a Sunday night single price of $36.95 with free WiFi that actually works. I'm out of subjects here. The two DIs between Green Bay and Wausau have both disappeared. I'll look around for general stuff tomorrow because I can't get to my next planned destination in time for morning light. I'll see what the morning light brings around Wausau, then head south.

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Unknown said...

Enjoying your trip. I was in the UP a couple of years ago and marveled at beaches. I imagined a Spanish Conquistador arriving here thinking they had reached the Pacific, until they stooped down to drink the fresh (not salt) water!