Monday, September 12, 2011

Skyway-in Theater

Warren, Ohio

I got to the Skyway just as a storm was coming in. It was about half past five, which was a little long for a day that started at 4 AM, but I had a great talk with owner Brian DeCiancio. Then the sun began to drop below the storm clouds and light the main screen against dark clouds. I set up the 8x10 and framed the shot I wanted but the rain came in again and I covered the setup and waited it out in the car. The sun broke through again and I got a chance at just the light and angle I'd wanted. This is a digital snapshot of the setup.


typingtalker said...

Birds eye view from Bing.

lyle said...

Posted at 9pm, started the day at 4am - hope you are getting time and half! DI looks like it is well maintained and I enjoy the Mom & Pop look (the kids stuff in front of the screen, the way the fence is held up). Sometimes when I look at the pt/pd prints I get lost in the beauty of them and forget that folks actually run these DI's. Looking forward to seeing the prints from this trip.

Carl Weese said...

tt, I've got a downloaded GoogleMaps of all the theaters as of 2005 that is quite helpful as well, with tight views, plus it's on my MacBook's hard drive so I can use it without a connection.

Lyle, well, you can see how tired I was since I left of "drive" in "drive-in". Today was far less distance, but a cluster of theaters where I had made email contact ahead of time. The lighting conditions were perfect (for this subject: full sun is usually not my favorite, but perfect here) and I rushed to get to six theaters, one a revisit of yesterday's Elm Road, while I had the light. I'm now encamped at Mansfield, OH, a full day earlier than I expected to get here. After I get some food I'll download the digital equipment and put up a couple road-blog-posts.