Monday, September 26, 2011

Back Online

I got a Linksys E2500 router at Staples, supposed to have good speed and a strong signal, and fully compatible with Macs and with Charter cable. Partway through the installation it didn't see the internet and I had to disconnect the modem's power and signal cables, wait two minutes, reconnect, wait two minutes, and then try opening a browser window. Bingo, we were online. All three Macs were quickly set up to find the new network and give the right password in AirPort. It took a while get the HP wireless laser printer onto the network. You have to make a USB connection from a computer to the printer, run the setup software, and aim it at the network. The whole process was done in just a little over an hour.


Markus Spring said...

Good to hear it all worked out well. I know that helpless feeling, when those boxes should - but do not work as expected.

Carl Weese said...

Markus, oh my, talk about feeling like you're in a black hole over the deep canyon. But now everything seems to be not just OK, but better than before.

richardplondon said...

Funny thing: take a randomly chosen day when all the technology is working smoothly as it should. Do we get a warm contented feeling from that, to set against the desperate helpless feeling when it (as we experience it) lets us down? No.

A car will sometimes break down, a roof sometimes leaks, the body sometimes get sick, but these things aren't the same kind of betrayal of our faith - abandonment - as when electronics fails to work. Not sure why this is... maybe their normal functioning is so mysterious, offers such a promise of perfection, we use the "negotiate with the supernatural" part of our brains on that?