Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meeker Swamp (Macricostas Preserve)

Washington, Connecticut

Part of Steep Rock Reservation, a great place for a little walk, or a rigorous hike up to the Waramaug Pinnacle (there are only a few places on the path where you really need to use your hands to ascend). Also to test film that's been in the freezer a long time. There's more base fog than fresh HP5-Plus would display, but the base film speed (determined by where you detect subject detail distinctly separated from the filmbase+fog density) is unchanged at 200, and my standard PMK pyro development gives rich but controlled highlight densities, perfect for contact printing in Pt/Pd, but also very accessible to the scanner. A nice reminder how easily film can handle dynamic range from the deeply shaded main body of the picture to the brilliantly lighted clouds. Very easy to print in platinum, and fairly simple to control from the scan where the weakness of digital scanning/capture/printing in holding close value separations way up on the tonal scale (the clouds) requires quite a bit of delicacy in PS.

On a personal note, along with the more famous anniversary today, Tina and I will be observing, with some dismay, the 40th anniversary of our wedding. We claim to have been twelve.


David said...

Congratulations, Carl. It so happens that my wife, Michelle, and I are celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary today (Sep 11). She was 29 when I married her and is still 29.

Scott Kirkpatrick said...

It looks like a great place for a hike/scramble to the top of the ridge. But how far from the car can you go with your 17" wide gear?


Carl Weese said...

Scott, the 7x17 Korona is actually lighter than the 8x10 Deardorff. The camera with 305 G-Claron, focus hood, and two film holders fits in a backpack (I took the camera to a camping supplies store and tried a dozen or more packs before I found one that was just right). Combined with the lighter of my two Ries tripods it's quite a portable outfit.

lyle said...

when brett weston was asked the same question he is reported to have said: "if it is more than 100 feet from the car, it ain't pretty"