Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today, Three Set-Ups

Jefferson, Wisconsin

Didn't get a setup shot here, but the strange and wonderful marquee with the infinite farmlands landscape behind it made a solid 7x17. Then I met up with the CEO of TOP for a great pancake house breakfast. Then on to Kenosha.

 Kenosha, Wisconsin

Another 717. A nice theater with what I've come to understand as a midwestern feel, even though it's practically on the lake, not so far west as mid.

Knox (Bass Lake), Indiana

The Melody. A superb small two-screen DI, and I had the luck to get to talk to the owner (for only 42 years: that's when he bought it from his Dad) about the place. The setting sun dropped out of the clouds in a most cooperative way.

Also, for TOP readers. I'm not 6'6". That would be extreme. I'm merely a perfectly normal 6'4". I admit it took a while to find the perfect settings for the driver's seat in the HHR, but it now is amazingly close to as comfortable as my full size truck was.

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