Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Down the Hall

El Dorado, Kansas

The Super 8 in El Dorado (pronounced El Dor-AY-do) was only two minutes from the drive-in theater, but that was about its only virtue. That and the view down the hall from the door to my room as I made the five round trips necessary—because they didn't even have a hotel-style luggage cart—to get the equipment cases out of my car in the 100°+ heat and into the air conditioned room. The "story" turned out to be this:

El Dorado, Kansas


Mike Mundy said...


So where have you been eating? Fast fooding it? Diners? Haven't seen any diner photos.


Carl Weese said...

Mike, I travel with a large cooler and restock it from the best grocery store I can find every few days. I'm vegetarian, so in many of the places I was traveling finding a restaurant would be problematic and expensive. I get salad stuff, bread, make my own bean salads, etc. I think I only ate in restaurants about four times on the whole trip. Much cheaper, too. If the hotel has decent breakfast stuff I load up on that in the morning.