Sunday, August 26, 2012

Downtown Scottsdale, I

Scottsdale, Arizona

Gardens in the desert.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Outside air conditioning.

Scottsdale, Arizona


Anonymous said...


Although I certainly won't claim that a lot of the water used for irrigation purposes in the desert isn't wasted, so you know, the gardens you photographed aren't watered haphazardly, but use drip systems to deliver measured amounts of water directly to the plants' root systems several times each day, which is about the most efficient way possible to water plants.

And many, if not most of the major commercial water consumers (golf courses, car washes, etc.) use recycled or grey water rather than fresh water, so they aren't wasting as much of it as it might

In the great-minds-think-alike category, I have likewise thought about a project photographing the canals and irrigation projects that are so plentiful here in the desert, but doing so will almost certainly attract the attention of the authorities on a scale that is guaranteed to take all the fun out of it. Trust me on this, as I speak from experience... 8^(

Carl Weese said...


Stet. It's a fascinating subject.