Thursday, August 23, 2012

More High Desert

Magdalena, New Mexico

An amazing Park Avenue style central boulevard in a town that seemed to have barely a dozen buildings.

Magdalena, New Mexico

The bright but delicate clear blue skies of the high desert are fascinating. It's a sky we just don't see back east. Even in the thin and extremely dry air you still get atmospheric haze in the distance, partly because distant stuff out here is just so far away. Later in the trip I'd encounter much higher elevations in Colorado, but Magdalena was still pretty well up there.

Magdalena, New Mexico


lyle said...

yes, the skies are so wonderful in these images it almost looks (to an easterner) like PS was being used! The 'Park Ave' photo gives a real sense of quiet peace. Did you get any sense of the lifestyle in these towns? Magdalena looks like a place that it would be easy to hang in for awhile. But I wonder how 'easy' or how long 'awhile' is.

Carl Weese said...

Peaceful, yes. A gregarious person would likely go stir-crazy in a hurry though. Someone with solitary inclinations might love it, assuming they have some way to make a living. I can't imagine what source of employment there is outside of raising a few head of cattle or doing maintenance work at the nearby Very Large Array. It could be just wonderful for a writer or artist.